Translife UK Hove East Sussex

Translife UK Hove East Sussex
Crossdressing Products and Services – Established in 2002 Translife Limited is a leading supplier of Wigs, Silicone Breast Forms, Ladies Footwear, Clothing, Hosiery, Jewellery, Gloves and Cosmetics and a whole lot more. We also offer a comprehensive Dressing Service and a Bed and Breakfast facility all located in Brighton East Sussex. We are always at hand to offer assistance and advice when required so please feel free to call us on 01273 779467 at anytime.

35 Brunswick Street West
East Sussex
United Kingdom.

p: 00 44 1273 779467


Crossdressing Virgin Gets Fucked In Swindon

This is the true story of my first time with a man while fully crossdressed. I answered an advert for a man looking to meet a crossdresser and exchanged some text messages before agreeing to meet. I took the bus to where we had arranged to meet in Swindon, it was a flat in a not great area of town. Nervously I rang the buzzer and entered the block, getting the lift to the second floor I went to the door and rang the bell. The door was answered by a man in his late thirties of Latin appearance who showed me into the flat and told me he was married and this was a friends flat he was borrowing for the day and I assured him I would be discreet. He showed me into the bedroom and left me to get ready. I took off my clothes and put on a pale yellow satin bra with black lace trim matching suspender belt and pulled my seamed stockings up my freshly shaved legs, I then pulled on my matching satin panties, I then put on my black chiffon rah-rah skirt and cream satin shell blouse with a black ribbon at the neck and did a little dance in front of the mirror to see how the skirt bounced and floated across my arse. By this time the man I had met was starting to get impatient so I hurriedly put on my makeup with lots of red lipstick as he’d asked and my long blonde wig. He told me to sit on the end of the bed and stood in front of me and unbuttoned his jeans, my whole body was trembling through excitement and nerves as he pulled out the thickest cock I have ever seen, not long but a huge girth, grabbing it with both hands I rubbed it gently until it started to get stiff, “Put it in your mouth.” He ordered me. So I did, licking the tip first I could taste his salty juices taking more of it in my mouth I could feel it getting harder and harder and smell his musky balls bouncing around near my chin.

Crossdressing in Swindon

After a while my jaw began to get tired due to the massive size and I tried to pull away but he grabbed the back of my head pushing me right down to the hilt which made me gag as his dick hit the back of my throat. “To be a real girl you’ve got to take it like this!” he said as I pulled away and he repeatedly pushed his fat cock as far down my throat as he could. Eventually I struggled free and said maybe he should just fuck me, but first he wanted me to lie face down so he could push up my skirt and ride my panties so he could get his cock even harder, I agreed he could. Lying face down on the bed he lay on top of me pushing up my skirt he humped away frantically, holding me down with all his weight on top of me he pulled my panties to one side and slipped a lubed up finger into my tight arsehole I moaned with pleasure as he slid it in and out, after I was well lubed he pulled out his finger and still holding me down grabbed his rock hard thick cock and pushed the head between my butt cheeks I resisted at first as he wasn’t wearing a condom but he held me down and kept pushing it in, after the head was inside me the pleasure of having this wonderful big cock in me overcame any worries I had and I relaxed and pushed my hips back taking the whole thing inside me feeling him thrusting in and out was making my clitty cock hard and I got onto my knees so he could take me doggystyle and I could play with myself. After a very short time I felt his hands tighten around my waist, he pulled me hard back onto his cock “I’m cumming!” he moaned as I felt the huge cock twitching as he shot his load inside me, which then made me shoot my cum all over the satin of my knickers my cock had been straining against. As he pulled out I felt his cum running down my thigh onto the tops of my stockings he quickly got dressed and I changed and took my make up off.

Fantasy Girl Shopping Folkestone

Fantasy Girl Folkestone
Fantasy shopping transgender, transvestite, cross dressing specialists We are one of the UK’s leading Cross dressing suppliers – Established in 1995 Fantasy Girl has been a leading supplier of Wigs, Silicone Breast Forms and lifelike V String prostheses, Ladies Footwear, Clothing, Hosiery, Lingerie and Specialist Cosmetics forover 20 years . We also have a walk in high street store open in regular shop hours in Folkestone, Kent, UK.

127 Dover Road
CT20 1NL
United Kingdom

Call us: 01303 240470
Email us:
Open Monday to Saturday 10:30 to 17:00


It’s Nikki Nicole Britains Hottest Crossdresser

Here’s an amazing gallery of photos of Nikki Nicole, possibly The UK’s Hottest and most Feminine Crossdresser, she’s a cute petite blonde from Brighton that has been transforming for quite a few years now. She stands 5′ 9″ tall and wears any hair colour she can get her hands on, her eyes are a beautiful and mesmerizing mixture of blue and green with a touch of hazel. She’s slim with an athletic build, long legs and a nice peachy bum, along with a cock that gets VERY HARD. Why not take a look at her video clips here:


Transformation Shops Manchester

Transformation Shops Manchester

Welcome to Transformation Transvestite Shops and Transvestite Dressing Services. For transvestites shopping at Transformation shops is totally unique. Our Manchester Shop Address is :

428 Bury Old Road
M25 1PS
0161 773 2572

Our Transformation shop offer transvestites, crossdressers, transsexuals and transgendered a safe heaven ,discreet , confidential and truly feminine personal transvestite shopping experience. Combined with my staffs friendly personal service, plus years of experience helping transvestites and free crossdressing advice, in a warm welcoming, non judgmental atmosphere. Nowhere else will transvestites and crossdressers find a safe and discreet shop with such a huge range of feminising products to transform men into beautiful convincing women.