Transformation Shops Manchester

Transformation Shops Manchester

Welcome to Transformation Transvestite Shops and Transvestite Dressing Services. For transvestites shopping at Transformation shops is totally unique. Our Manchester Shop Address is :

428 Bury Old Road
M25 1PS
0161 773 2572

Our Transformation shop offer transvestites, crossdressers, transsexuals and transgendered a safe heaven ,discreet , confidential and truly feminine personal transvestite shopping experience. Combined with my staffs friendly personal service, plus years of experience helping transvestites and free crossdressing advice, in a warm welcoming, non judgmental atmosphere. Nowhere else will transvestites and crossdressers find a safe and discreet shop with such a huge range of feminising products to transform men into beautiful convincing women.


Sissy Nottingham Cross Dresser Wanks Off

I lived by myself for a while in Nottingham so no problem there, so after showering and shaving my balls and asshole, I set up my DVD player to play “Ladyboys in Latex”. I retreated to my bedroom to choose an outfit. I feel naughty and nice tonight, so white, definitely white. I chose a white silky bustier with spaghetti straps and garters, and some brand new thigh high sheer white stockings. After I attached the garters, I pulled the laces on the back as hard as I could and tied them tight. I tucked the laces up so they wouldn’t get messed up in my ass. I looked in the mirror, from the chest down I looked like a hot chick with a hard dick, I always loved dressing in hot lingerie, I thought I was hot. My true homo erotic fantasy is rooted in wanting a hot crossdresser just like me. If I could reach my own cock, I’d never come up for air. Padding into the living room on my nylon covered feet, I relished the cool feeling on my legs, and I couldn’t resist stroking my hips and thighs while I walked. I laid a towel on the couch and laid my things on the edge so they’d be handy. Looking at the TV, I saw the familiar scene with two young ladyboys sucking and fucking each other. It was a hot scene, but it was really a time killer while I got ready for the next hot scene. I idly stroked my cock and sucked the end on my toy. I lightly licked on the head and could faintly taste my ass on it from before even though I washed it thoroughly. The scene on the TV changed. This is the best TV fantasy of mine. They show two hot ladyboys with huge cocks dressed in black strappy latex outfits, playfully stroking each others cocks. At this point, I lube up my dildo and lift my ass off the couch. I point my fake dicks head right into my hungry butt hole and push. The tough part is just past the head, but with a little twisting and pumping, my ass opened up and started accepting the thickest part of its circumference. The best part of the whole procedure is when I get past the thick taper. As soon as I get to the change in diameter, it gets so much easier that it shoots forward the rest of the way, and it kinda fucks me involuntarily on the way in. Once I’m satisfied that I can get comfortable with this huge piece of plastic up my ass, I sat back and allowed my weight to keep some constant pressure on my pried opened butt hole. I rubbed my nipples through my silky top and stroked my cock lovingly and looked back at the screen. My lovely ladyboy had her hard cock pointed at the camera, fucking back and forth as if the viewer is sucking her cock. I would love to really do that to her and my cock started throbbing. I turned the vibrator on but left it on the lowest setting. I want this to last.

Nottingham Cross Dresser

On the screen, the view turned around so it looked like I was locked in a hot 69 with her, sucking mine while I sucked hers. By now I’m really horned up, so I brought out my cock toy. Clear flesh like fat sleeve with a tight ribbed hole. The business end is shaped like the opening of a tight asshole, so I start tounging the rosebud while rocking gently back and forth to rattle the fat toy in my ass. I pushed some spit into my toy hole and then a generous squirt of lube. I sank the first few inches of my cock into that tight wet hole and reached down to turn my vibe up halfway. By now my prostate is humming and my cock is having faint pre-spasms. I can pretty much cum any time now, but I held out to make this special. Right on cue, the scene changed to a close up POV ass fucking this tranny. I imagined that was my cock poking her ass, and I immediately started pumping my cock toy up and down harder. The idea of being dressed and fucking a beautiful shemale, or CD or whatever, along with having my ass vibrated or possibly fucked by a cock was just awesome. I scooted down towards the edge of the couch, lifted my legs way up high so I could fuck my ass hard with my dildo, and rubbed my panty clad knees against the sides of my face. Of course the scene changed right in time, it shows from the bottom perspective, the hung tranny lifting up my legs and inserting her hard she cock up the ass. The camera angle changes so you can see her huge dick penetrating this cute sissy hole. I imagine it’s my ass while I plunge my dildo as deep as it’s ever been. The other tranny in the movie starts dangling her dick and balls over the camera so I can suck while I’m getting fucked. She even bends down to give a courtesy suck to the girl, me, getting fucked. I’m so hot now, I’m pumping my cock in and out of my wet tight cock sleeve, fucking my ass with almost the entire length of my vibrating dildo, which I’ve turned up to it’s highest setting. As my anal ring opens and closes rapidly, and the head pounds into my sweet spot, my cock starts throbbing hard. I feel like my entire lower body is involved in jetting streams of hot cum out of the tip of my cock, out of the open end of my fuck toy, and all over my face and my lacy white lingerie. I quickly swallowed the few drops in my mouth, pulled my dildo out of my ass, and sucked it straight down. On the screen my lovely tranny is now waving her cummy dick at the camera as if inviting me to clean my own ass off her dick, while I’m sucking it off my dildo. With the taste of cum and ass in my mouth, and my ass contracting from the sudden exit of my fake dick, I kept pumping my cock into my other toy now that it’s lubed with my cum. I concentrated on my dickhead, rubbing it halfway through the hole so my next cum would stay trapped. As the tranny in the movie jerked her load out onto my TV screen, I shot my load into my cock sleeve, jerked feverishly four more times and then brought it to my mouth to slurp my cum as it dripped out of my just fucked toy. Satisfied, I washed all the toys, but stayed dressed in my kinky, cum stained lingerie just in case I wanted more.

Bristol Cross Dresser Caught By Wife

I have always been a cross dresser since I moved to Bristol and enjoyed it. One day I was home from a business trip early and found my wife was doing the laundry. There on the top of the laundry pile were her pale blue knickers. She left the room and I picked them up and I was running my hand across them and soon I was feeling and rubbing my cock which quickly became erect. All too soon I was shooting the results of my rubbing into my pants, a nice warm sticky mess of cum, so I tossed her knickers back on top of the laundry and went to change. It was four weeks later that I needed to go out of Philadelphia for the night to visit a customer. As I was packing I took a pair of my wifes knickers out of her drawer and took them with me. While on my trip I wore them the entire time and spent very enjoyable evenings feeling myself and cumming in them. I was soon dressing up and finding new spots to go to and have fun at, bars where I was having drinks bought for me and hands trying to get under my skirt. As usual when I arrived home to Philadelphia I would put my girly bag in the garage and leave my normal bag in the kitchen. My wife would empty it and do the laundry and that would be it. It was several days later that when I went to get a fresh pair of underwear, when I opened my drawer that there on top of my white boxers was a pair of her panties. It was the same pair that I was wearing a couple days ago. I was wondering if maybe it was a mistake or something. On my next trip I checked my bag and made sure there were only men’s clothes in it. Again several days later, when I opened my drawer there I saw several pairs of new panties. A thong, briefs and a low cut boy shorts. I knew something was up now. But what, I had no clue.

Bristol Cross Dressing
It was a couple weeks later when I found out I needed to go out of town that night that I asked her to pack a bag for me. I arrived home and she was out and there sat my bag. I grabbed it and off I went. At the hotel it was when I opened the bag there on top was a pair of white and pink knickers with a candy kiss taped on them. I now knew it was known to her what I was doing, she knew I was a genuine Bristol cross dresser. I wore the knickers all during my trip and enjoyed them a lot. I did not think of whom or what or why, just enjoyed. On my return my wife had made a few comments that could have been taken several ways. I choose the way that I understood them. It got to be a regular thing for her to pack my suit case. Several trips later it was a camisole then a bra. The time seemed to fly by at a fast pace. It has been two years since the first pair showed up and this last trip the case carried a dress and makeup and heels. The problem that I was having was that it not only made me feel good but, I looked good also. Under the wife’s idea we joined a gym in order to keep fit and healthy. I also started eating healthier. After several months, I knew the diet and gym visits were doing their job. My normal clothes seemed tighter in places and loose in others. I did not think about it. The only thing that perplexed me was that in tight t-shirts, it looked like I had tits or was that just wishful thinking. My waist had gotten smaller and my skin was softer and my body hair was thinner. I just figured that with the diet and vitamins that it was just a nice side effect. My wife had convinced me to let my hair grow and in the sales position I held it did not matter. I was reluctant when she wanted to have both my ears pierced. One had always been pierced since I was a teenager. Now it was both. My wife set up a much deserved vacation for us. It was going to be a month long. If we needed and desired more time, she had included a 2 week extension to the trip. She set up a nice private vacation resort. It was located on a white sands Caribbean beach area.


Teen Crossdresser Available in Manchester

I’ve always crossdressed, when I was 18 years old I became a Teen Crossdresser. I started by wearing my mum’s knickers and bra, tights, knee high boots and a dress or skirt and top. It felt fantastic walking around in high heels, in the back garden of our semi detached in Manchester, knowing that all the neighbours had to do was look over the fence and see me all dressed up! My cock got so hard and I’d wank myself senseless. I carried on all through my teenage years, using girlfriends underwear. At the swimming pool, where I used to work, I’d often have a shower wearing the girls high cut swimming costumes. The feel of the wet lycra around my arse and cock was so horny. I ended up as a delivery driver in Manchester, for a catalogue company. I bought myself a pair of knee high boots, some lace knickers and a short black denim skirt. I used to dress up in the van and find somewhere quiet. I also used to dress up in the returned clothes. Beautiful dresses, stilettos, leather skirts, I’d try them all on, drive round in them and then park up somewhere quiet and wank off.

One day, I decided I wanted to know what is was like to be fucked by a man. I called a chat line and got talking to a black guy. We decided to meet up at his flat near Salford, one day. I wore my black thong, black knee high boots, my arse tight jeans and a tight top. He invited me in and we sat down for a coffee. He was looking me up and down and I could see that his cock was getting bigger. We went into his bedroom and got undressed. I kept my high heel boots on, as I wanted him to fuck me while I was wearing them. We got into bed and started kissing. it was the first time I’d ever kissed a guy and it was sooooo intense! My hand travelled down his smooth body and found his thick black dick. It was massive, At least 9 inches! I was getting a bit nervous, but he soon calmed me down, by kissing my balls and then taking me in his mouth. His tongue licked my cock and his lips slid up and down my shaft. My cock was the hardest it had ever been.

Teen Crossdresser

He told me to go down on him. I could only just fit his giant black cock in my mouth, but I sucked him and teased him with my tongue. He told me to turn round and kneel on the bed. My mouth went dry and I felt lightheaded. I heard him squeeze the lube onto his hand and then I felt his fingers around my balls and sliding into my arse. My breathing got heavy and ragged as he placed one hand on my hips. With the other hand, he guided his huge cock towards my tight hole. It hurt to start with, as he gently pushed into me. He slowly started to slide in and out of my hole and suddenly, I relaxed. The sensation was amazing and I pushed back towards him, taking the whole of his massive cock inside me. I lost count of time as he fucked me. He fucked me so hard, my balls were slapping on his. I asked if I could turn round and face him. He pulled out of me, but not all the way, so I turned over onto my back and angled my ass up at him. My boots curled round his back as he leant into me. I held him towards me and my tongue explored his mouth as his cock pounded my ass, harder and harder. I had one arm round his upper back, pulling him into me and my other hand was stroking my big erection as he fucked me. I kissed him and the sensation became too much for him as he built up to a huge orgasm. I could feel his cum pulsing inside me as he let out a moan. He stayed inside me as he collapsed backward on the bed, but he hadn’t finished with me. He was still hard and started pumping me again, while I lay there. His smooth hand was stroking my cock and balls. I could feel his cock get harder again as he was wanking and fucking me. I couldn’t hold out much longer and came with a scream. As I came, my arse pulsed and tightened round his cock making him cum in me again.


Crossdressing Closet Croydon

Crossdressing Closet

Find Your Inner Goddess!

At Crossdressing Closet, our customers come first. We want you to look great, feel confident and have fun – and you’ll find all that right here. Need a whole new wardrobe? No problem – we’ve got everything from gorgeous men’s high heels to stunning dresses for day or night (and everything underneath). With our help, finding your inner goddess has never been easier.
Bring Out The Woman In You!

Crossdressing is not just about the clothing and the role. Crossdressers are fascinated with wearing dresses, skirts, high heels and all the other attire that is assigned to the femme world. For many, also being able to act out feminine behaviour in a public setting is very satisfying. A crossdresser doesn’t want to be a woman and live as a woman 24/7. Every crossdresser relates to the drive to emulate femininity in a slightly different way. Most want to live normal dude lives, and be able to dress and act as women when they can. Everybody’s different.